The international development of the French economy

Foreign investors’ actions speak volumes: France is an attractive, creative and innovative economy. In 2015, it stood out as one of the leading countries in Europe, attracting 962 new investment decisions by foreign companies that created or maintained 33,682 jobs, 27% more than in 2014.
Business France expertizes in analyzing the international development and attractiveness of the French economy to investors, and to this end publishes an Annual Report on these subjects.
Never afraid to be bold and creative, France is a key driver of global innovation. The lasting influence and innovation capacity of French businesses, which export their savoir-faire throughout the world, have already been well-established. France is a creative, innovative country, with a resolutely global outlook, and a preferred location for foreign investment in Europe.
For the first time in 2016, you can now visualize the data used to compile the Annual Report on an interactive website, which will be updated and improved with every passing year.
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